Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Daring Baker Takes to the Skies!, an online site for travel news, destinations and travel advice, asked top chefs from across the country for inspirational ideas on creating the ultimate carry-on meal for a flight.
The days of being served a meal on a flight are slowly disappearing, particularly on shorter flights. You can usually buy a snack or sandwich from the flight attendant...that is if they don't run out by the time they get to you.
Because I bake and have been involved in the travel industry for a very long time, they asked me to participate! (I now work with TPI, Travel Professionals International) So although I am not a Top Canadian Chef ( maybe to my family I am!), I had the opportunity of representing the Travel industry and preparing a meal to take on a flight. Check it out on
It was also featured in Macleans Magazine (December 1, 2008).

My meal was definitely not as fancy as the others...but maybe more practical!
I roasted red peppers, yellow peppers and eggplant and drizzled them with oil.

I spread spicy mango chutney on ciabatta bread, but my tasters also liked a black olive spread and a sweet chili pepper feel free to explore. They had a hard time deciding on the spread.

Top it with grated carrots and shavings of parmesan cheese!

Take along some celery sticks, an apple. a chocolate chip cookie and a pretty napkin!

Now pack it in a lunchbag or other recyclable bag and go catch your flight!

You will have to buy your beverage once you are through security and remember to check airport rules for more information.

I wonder... is Jello a gel?

Until we bake again...


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