Sunday, August 22, 2010

White Cupcakes with Buttercream Icing- Nut free!

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So often, I see pretty cupcakes, but they don't really taste that good. Sometimes they are very dry or the icing just overwhelms the senses. Don't get me wrong, I love icing and I'm the first to lick the beaters, if someone else doesn't get to them first.

This, of course, is after they have finished mixing LOL ...come on... we all want to do that! Somehow batter and icing taste better off the beaters! Maybe it is the anticipation.

I remember waiting quietly (at least I think I was quiet) until my mom started moving the empty bowl and beaters to the sink and I would ask- Can I lick the beaters?

And yes my son, Elliot, would wait eagerly as well.

This recipe is easy, even though it uses a lot of egg whites and butter...I lovvvvve butter.

I believe if you are going to eat a dessert- forget about low fat- bring on the butter or don't have it at all. We made the icing the sky....


Until we bake again....

Penny Cupcake on Foodista


Aaron John said...

Oh my! There is a lot of butter in these cupcakes!! lol. Must be fantastic then!!
Would you mind checking out my blog? :D

Alisa said...

Mmm, butter is good. If you won't mind I'd love to guide foodista readers to your site.Just add your choice of Foodista widget at the end of this blog post and it's good to go.Thanks!

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