Sunday, October 13, 2013

An Apple Pie for Ben...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and Camera Guy and I were very happy to be invited over to Chris, Ruben and Benjamin's house to celebrate.  We live in Toronto - Elliot my son, is doing his PHD in Physics in Calgary, Mac, Dan's son,  is very involved in drama in his high school in Hampton, NB, Zac, Dan's other son,  is attending university in New Brunswick and very involved in the basketball team there, and Meredith, Dan's daughter,  is in Fredericton preparing for her next  university challenge in social work.  It means we don't have our children with us this Thanksgiving, so when Ben requested an apple pie, I was thrilled...I hope it turns out!

I went back into my blog and pulled out the recipe I developed for the Chudleigh's Pie contest in 2011 where I won best crust and best overall pie. Dan, a friend who is no longer with us,  from The Haggis and the Herring, encouraged me to enter that contest.  He was so confident I would win:)   This pie will always be special to me because of that.

Here is the recipe and another post from one of the judges, Agatha Podgorski. 

Hope you like it Ben!  This one is for you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.
Until we bake again...


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Lifesastitch said...

Great looking pie. Both my girls are in AB (I heard Mari cooked duck and turkey last weekend) and my son brought his wayward friends over to our house for dinner, which they have affectionately dubbed "the Northvanage." Made my day.

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